Do You Want To Learn The 3 Simple Techniques For Clearing Your Energy?

I'm new to energy work and after Tara worked on me, I immediately felt a sense of ease and comfort.  I look to Tara for her genuine spirit and love for others as I move through my own journey of healing and life. I don't know how I've lived without energy work before now but I will be forever grateful for my experiences with Tara. She's amazing! - Melissa

What Is Energy Healing?
Did You Know That You're Just A Few Tweaks Away From 
Do You Know Which Tweaks You Need To Make?
Through the process of muscle testing for information and using the tools to clear, we learn our energy is wise and knows what we need in order to feel less stress, more connected and healthier. But most of the time, we're so disconnected from our inner self, that we have no ideas what's causing us suffering. 

Thanks to the simple tool of Applied Kinesiology, you can tap into the inner self to get info for what needs to be cleared.

Energy clearing is quick and powerful and knows how to get to the root cause of the problem.

Saving you lots of money and time!
Let Me Show You What To Expect...
I used to think that the things I could SEE, TOUCH or FEEL, were the only things real in this world. But one day, when I become so physically and mentally ill that I wound up in the ER, I began to wonder if I was right.  It wasn't until after I was told that there was nothing they could do for me except give me an anti-depressant, because physically I seemed fine, did I begin to search for the root of the problem?  And never did I imagine that Energy work would be the answer to my problems!   

Along this journey, I've discovered 3 things...  

#1, OUR BODIES ARE AMAZING. Not only do we have body systems, such as our respiratory system, skeletal structure, muscular structure etc,  we also have 7 amazing and powerful energy systems and these energy systems fuel our entire being!  

#2, I also learned a POWERFUL ENERGY CLEARING TOOLS that have changed my life and many others for the better!  

And #3, I developed a gift for seeing the GREATNESS IN OTHERS and use that to quickly spot and remove the layers of self-doubt, suffering, pain, and blocks keeping them stuck, so they can find greater happiness and fulfillment in their lives!
But just like some of you, the world of energy work was completely new to me and while doing energy sessions, I would wonder what they meant when they would tell me that my energy had wisdom, that it works by priority and knows what needs to be cleared and how to do it... 

I thought to myself, "What are you talking about?!!"  

Is there another force operating in my body that knows what the problem is, when my conscious brain doesn't?  

I was amazed that the answer was a big YES! There is much that lies hidden in our subconscious brain that is not serving us and is MAJORLY getting in our way! 

Aristatype -

Energy clearing is a life changing and eye opening experience that allows you to recognize who you truly are so you can use the tools to remove all the things getting in the way of living a life that is meant to be MEANINGFUL and HAPPY!
"Tara has an ability to peel back the invisible barriers and layers of imaginary “protection” that I have gradually coated myself with from years of hurt, pain and numbing that stems from my childhood. She revealed the things I have been resisting are the very things I need to embrace and as a result I have broken through barriers I didn’t even know I had. The seeds she planted and the actions she required me to take have created a ripple effect in my life that I am continuing to receive the benefits from months later. Working with Tara is an experience that words cannot describe. She has a gift and I feel honored and fortunate to have the 
opportunity to know and work with her.” - Lain - All Rights Reserved