A few years ago, everything in my life seemed to be going pretty AMAZINGLY!  

I was turning 33, which has always been my lucky number, and I was telling everyone that this was going to be the best year ever.  

And from what I was seeing, I was right.  We were purchasing our dream home one mile from the beach in California, our 3 kids were doing great, and business was soaring.  

Life was GOOD!  

But little did I know, that my best year was also going to involve some of the worst times, by far, of my entire life!  

And after having 3 children and starting multiple business, where we spent a lot of time in the school of hard knocks, this was saying a lot! 
It wasn't until the week we were to move into our dream home, that things started to go really wrong. 

I mean come on, getting mono the week you move is not ideal

And then later, after a surgery that I assumed would be a breeze, my world was completely rocked and my emotional and physical world was pretty much shut down, it was TERRIFYING!

Over the years, my mother in law had mentioned energy work and how much it had helped so and so... but I always though it was just some weird woo woo stuff and always brushed it aside. 

But when I became desperate enough, due to panic attacks, severe depression, newly developed Gerd, to name a few...I became willing to try anything.

Every time I had energy work done, I felt better and better. Not only did it affect me physically, but I began to change emotionally, spiritually, energetically... 

I saw myself in a whole new light and had no idea I was functioning on so many fears and false beliefs. I enjoyed the progress so much that I had to learn it for myself, I just couldn't get enough, I was hooked!  
 And that's when life completely changed for me...

My life began to make sense, my gifts came alive and I began to feel and see myself and the world completely different. 

I realized that I was hiding behind my husband in our businesses and I was doing things that weren't what I truly LOVED and where I could SERVE BEST!

I realized I had the ability to feel what others were feeling and until I learned how to use that gift, it was only a curse in my life. But having an energy clearing tool allowed me to clear out my blocks and then to be able to see and feel into others struggles and do the same for them.  

I believe it to be my mission in life to see the goodness in others, help them to see it too, remove the layers that are blocking their true self so they can then connect to their true selves, connect better in their relationships and to most importantly be connected with God or something bigger than their self.

And I can't wait to work with you and get started on your journey to a happier and more meaningful you!!
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“Tara has literally changed my life for the better. Sessions with her have helped me with my anxiety attacks and I am now able to talk myself out of an anxiety attack because I know I am in charge of my body, instead of letting my fears and worries control my life. This has been huge for me! Tara has also been an amazing guide and support during the good and the difficult times in my life. She always knows the exact thing I need to hear and I know it comes from a place of love. Tara has helped me come to know my true self, instead of the version I had of myself which was layered with false beliefs. I believe Tara could help anyone through any situation. I know the world would be a better place if people could talk to Tara and receive the guidance and help through her sessions." - Amber
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