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"I feel so much lighter and ... unburdened ... yesterday & today that it brings tears to my eyes. My husband even noticed (and I haven't gotten a chance to tell him about the session yet). I spilled uncooked rice all over the floor last night in front of my daughter, and I chuckled --- Tim was amazed at my change in demeanor. He was all, "Wow, good job for not exploding in anger like normal!" And I just smiled because I FELT NO ANGER ANYMORE. That overwhelming sadness that I had inside of me is GONE, Tara, and it doesn't come bubbling to the surface as anger anymore. HUGE. I can't thank you enough. Your gift has changed my life, Tara!!!" - Amber
One On One Sessions With Tara Williams
50 Minute Private Session:
A 50 minute private session, where you'll work one on one with Tara to clear the blocks stopping you from making progress so you can quickly get moving forward again. 

25 Minute Power Session:   For repeat clients only, a quick energy revamp to make sure functioning at your best level.  


30 Day Transformation Quick Start  - $497.00
The 30 Day Transformation Quick Start includes 2 powerful one-on-one energy clearing calls with Tara to help you blast through your blocks and get on a path to greater happiness and success!

90 Day Transformation Rehaul - $1499.00
These 90 days will totally transform your life! After you complete your 6 one-one-sessions with Tara and take advantage of your bonus lazer session, you will find yourself moving forward with greater happiness, courage and power to create the life you want, STARTING NOW!

6 Month Deep Transformation Package - $2499.99
This package will take you and your life and give it a complete make over. Are you unsatisfied with your life? Do you want to be happier and more fulfilled? Are you feeling stuck and don't know why? This is the package for you! During these 6 months, you will enjoy 12 powerful one-on-one sessions, which will help you discover whatever it is that's keeping you stuck, so you can better understand who you are and move forward more powerfully in your life! And as a bonus, enjoy 3, 25 min. lazer sessions, which are great when you are in a bind!


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"Tara helped me process grief faster and healthier than I would have by myself. Through energy work I’ve been able to clear blocks that kept me stuck for years. I feel like a new and different person. I’ve been able to make changes and work through things that would have been very difficult to do on my own. She is very intuitive, has the best intentions, and has great wisdom in helping overcome difficulty. My life has changed because of Tara and energy work. If you’re looking to have your life improved in a significant way, I'd definitely suggest doing a session with Tara!" - Whitney